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Personal Stuff is a leading website belongs to original importers in Pakistan and quality selection by Personal Stuff to deliver the right and genuine products on controlled prices.

We have gained trust of our consumers, thanks to long-term experience and policy of high-quality products available at good price. We recognize the value of high products innovativeness, packaging design, good price comparing to quality and immediate reaction to market trends, therefore we develop products to satisfy the needs and the requirements of our consumers and together we discover the secrets of natural beauty and self-exposure.

Brands Introduction


Thanks to a wide experience gained on many different markets, we perfectly realize that proper cosmetics choice is incredibly important. That is why when developing products under the Eveline Cosmetics brand we put all efforts into meeting of requirements of our customers. We prepare the offer in such way that every customer can find needed top quality cosmetic that meets his needs.
While developing the products we follow three principle rules. These are: innovativeness, quality and professionalism. We implement these rules using state-of-the-art achievements of world cosmetology and we develop technologically advanced products, which are subject to strict quality control.


GABRINI COSMETICS has stepped into the world of cosmetics as a Turkish brand in its journey to begin production in Istanbul in 1994.

In this journey which is continued with GABRINI brand, it has become an indispensable brand of women with a production volume of 100 million pieces per year and a wide range of products ranging from blush to foundation, masks, lipstick, perfume to care products.

Turkey is one of the leading cosmetics factory production featured 12.000 m2 large work area with color cosmetics, perfume and hair care products manufacturing ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and HALAL / HALAL certificate carries out production in line.

With its high-quality product usage principle, today, with more than 3000 products and colors in 55 countries, you can enjoy the cosmetics that are available to its customers with its convenient and reliable makeup products.


Founded in 1936, Laurendor is a Spanish Company specializing in the production and marketing of cosmetics, which encompasses makeup and how it is applied. Creativity, quality, product safety and customer service are all hallmarks of our company.

Laurendor is certified to comply with the Management System ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard. Our manufacturing process is also certified with ISO 22716:2007 Certification, advised to be followed-up in Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products.

We have paid special attention to enhance the active ingredients to our latest generation of products and together with the exhaustive quality control that we carry out amongst all of our processes combined with constant collaboration with makeup artists and industry professionals; make our cosmetic range modern, effective, comfortable and safe for our clients.

We always strive to make our product the best so our dedicated professional artists can assure their customers that they are using the best possible ingredients coupled with the best possible prices.

Stage Line is a complete line of makeup and cosmetic treatment to meet all professional requirements.

Stage Line products are manufactured with micronized pigments and active ingredients that provide beneficial effects to the skin. The skin is protected and treated within a single action. Thus we achieve the goal of the professional: a long lasting and high coverage makeup with natural finish, softness, smoothness and skin protection.

Silky Cool

Founded In 1997 IN UAE. Our Cosmetics has to become the largest beauty destination in the UAE.

Felps Professional

On one side was Cleiton, a renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur in the resale of multi-brand cosmetics, with solid technical capillary expertise. On the other side, Juliana Piria, an executive with a consolidated career in the financial markets and construction industry, with relevant experience in marketing, commercial department and administration. By joining all the expertise, and the entrepreneurial vein they have, the brothers Cleiton and Juliana created Felps in the year 2004. Felps means Special Manufacturing of Lotions and Superior Products and was already born with excellence in lines of transformation for professional use and continued diversifying its portfolio by investing in home care products and items for men use with the brand Felps Men. Anchored in values such as quality, technology and customer satisfaction, Felps Professional has built up throughout its brief history a positive reputation among the professionals of the beauty universe and final consumers. According to the founding partners, nothing would have been possible without the faith they have always had in the brand’s potential and in the investments made, always having as a reference the quality standard of “Made in Brazil” products. In addition to the quality of the items it develops, the brand believes that its growth is linked to the proximity it has with consumers. On their site, for example, there is an open channel where they receive opinions, suggestions and contributions and this interaction has been fundamental so that the brand can understand the needs of customers and thus continue to develop the products according to the desire of those who consume the brand, whether it is a professional public or an end consumer.

From Brazil to the World

There are only five years of existence, but the Brazilian brand of high-performance hair cosmetics is already seeking new flights and expanding its operations in the international market under the motto “”Quality Reference Made in Brazil””. The construction of this motto is a result of media actions with press relations, digital influencers and prominent presence in events such as the Dubai Fair, as well as the entry into the market of Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, which took place in the second half of 2018. All this success, the result of much investment in research, follows the trend of the cosmetics market, which has received Brazilian products with great enthusiasm.

Personal Selection:

Personal stuff always seeking to provide its customers with quality items in a reasonable price either with self-manufacturing or selecting from the market which meets the quality standards of our website and its users.